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"I tap 2 nights a week because it makes me happy and I love it more than chocolate!"



The Tappers - Putting on the show...
A performance such as ours does not just come together overnight.... A dedicated team of scenery designers / builders and costume makers are involved right from the start. We are completely self funded, raising funds with various fundraising activities throughout the year so that we are able to finance the show to meet our reputable standard. With our connections we have always been fortunate enough to have a professional sound and lighting team to enhance the production.

Getting everyone involved ....

Its not just the dancers who are able to be involved in �The Show� The scenery makers, backstage crew, dressers, runners and the caterers are all related to performers and this makes for a great community spirit. We are known to have a family like quality about our group and with three generations of family members this is evident. Some children who started almost 20yrs ago are now parents bringing their little ones along to classes, proof in itself of a happy long lasting experience.

The professionals

The Basingstoke Tappers have been extremely fortunate to work with some of the finest musicians in the country as friends and fellow artists of Tracey and her Musical Director husband John, including - Session Musicians, West End Theatre Players and locally The Remix Jazz Orchestra (formerly known as the Chosen Few). Singers that have featured in our sell out performances are Steve Pert, Matthew Winchester, John Amobi, Tony Crane, Najma Akhtar, Jenny Darren, Sylvia Masion James, Trudi Kerr, Tricia Bassett & Sally Kemp. Francesca McMahon and Lily Deemer have both progressed from the Tappers Stage to singing with The Remix Jazz Orchestra.

The next Show will be QMC on 17th December. Click here to read more...

Najma Akhtar

Creating a Cultural Experience with Najma - Using her expertise as a choreographer to create a delightful, interactive experience, for an audience of any size, Tracey uses her dancers from The Basingstoke Tappers & Jazz Dance Co. to enhance the event, and to demonstrate easy to pick up moves with a Bollywood/ Jazz feel for the audience to participate.

This joint venture between Najma Akhtar and her band and Tracey Kinchenton has proved to be very successful with both adult and family audiences. With a wealth of experience of stages world wide of all shapes and sizes, This vibrant collaboration delivers something up beat, colourful, highly motivated and very entertaining� in any venue.

The latest addition to Traceys programme is a Bollywood Riverdance with exhilarating footwork� A must see!

The Remix Jazz Orchestra

On the last Friday of every month the Remix Jazz Orchestra, formerly known as the Chosen Few, meet and play at the Finchampstead Memorial Hall. Seats must be pre booked to avoid disappointment. For more information contact Tracey.

Fundraising, out & about in the community

The Basingstoke Tappers support many local charity and fundraising events. If you would like an appearance by the Basingstoke Tappers & Jazz Dance Co. at your next event give us a call today to find out more


"18 years on and still tapping! Part of life for me. It gets better every year."